Rating and Ranking of Search Engines Based on "Don't Be Evil" 

           Good:   1. Privado  

              Fair:   2. Bing  3. 百度  4. Google  5. AOL  6. Qwant  7. Yahoo  8. Naver

    Not Good:  9. 搜狗  10. 360 

Major Search Engine Market Share Worldwide

1.Google(28%) 2.Bing(22%) 3.百度(3%)

4.Yahoo(2%)5.AOL(1%) 6.Qwant(0.5%)  7.Privado0.2%)

8.搜狗(0.2%)  9.360(0.2%)  10.Naver(0.1%)


One Belt One Road: Towards a win-win partnership

CTExcel is a Fraud Company





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